Dr Lynn Crosby

December 19 1956 - July 15 2012


Memento Mori 1

Found allegory. Was it visible to others or placed for my eyes only? In the shadows, a lamp. Next, a window pane bearing snowflakes and the hint of an angel's wing...unique perfection and immortality. Then confrontation by death and an empty vessel. And closest, a reflection of sunlight and evidence that we share our humanity, the building across the alley. Memento mori. Remember death comes to all. Live fully.


Memento Mori 2

What you see is what I saw--a ready made allegory to our multi-layered finity. Delve the depths. A lace curtain cloaks the space beyond and is itself obscured by a reflection of light and by snowflakes, symbols of uniquity. Next the blush is off the rose while the primula flourishes sharing fore-stage with the child. And closest, but appearing deepest, reminding us we are not alone, a reflection of the building across the alley. Memento mori. Remember...you will die. Live life fully meanwhile.

My dear wife, Lynn Crosby, passed away on July 15, 2012. She set the terms of her last few days and died peacefully, with a final deep sigh and a smile, her daughter Katie at her side.

Lynn's contributed greatly to my photographic endeavours: She got me started in art photography, and provided me with encouragement, inspiration, feedback, and endless patience. She was proud of my work and she had profound influence on it. These web pages are my memorial to her.

You can also view Lynn's obituary, see a slideshow of her life, view her guest book, and make your own entry if you would like, at jasnowfuneralhome.com

Two images that particularly resonated with Lynn are called Memento Mori I & Memento Mori II (below). She saw these windows in Prague, asked me to photograph them; she named them and wrote the captions (see below the images) before any cancer was suspected.

Lynn's love of life shines through. Rest in peace my sweetheart.

Colin Campbell

Memento Mori